IBM News Roundup — June

June has been and gone and it was a great month for IBM! If you are preparing for an interview, looking to improve your application form or have a general interest in technology and IBM, these 10 facts from the past month will be right up your street!

  1. IBM & Wimbledon launch new apps, cognitive & hybrid cloud solutions to boost fan experience
    Blog 1
  2. Meet the 12-year-old developer who just addressed 10,000 coders in India:
    Blog 2
  3. Check out “Olli”, a new self-driving vehicle from Local Motors with IBM #WatsonIoT technology
    Blog 3
  4. IBM’s Harriet Green shares her views on delivering diversity in IT  #WomeninTech
    Blog 4
  5. IBM receives the Corporate Leadership Award for education
    Blog 5
  6. Announcing the opening of two new #IBMStudios to support client innovation in Asia:  #NewIBM
    Blog 6
  7. See how the Internet of Things is transforming Parkinson’s Disease care. #IBMIoT

  8. Join over 400,000 online students at IBM’s #BigDataUniversity – for free: 
    Blog 7
  9. IBM and @Cisco team up to transform the way people collaborate and work  #WorkWithWatson
    Blog 8
  10. If you still think “PC” when you hear someone say “IBM”, take a look at this: Blog 9

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    What will you make with IBM?

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