IBM Research and 20th Century Fox create 1st “Cognitive Movie Trailer” — Read more about this and other cool facts from August

By Ella Slade

As August comes to an end, it is time to reflect on some of the great activities IBM has been up to this past month! If you are preparing for an interview, looking to improve your application form or have a general interest in technology and IBM, these 10 facts from the past month will be right up your street.

1. Ginni Rometty is reinventing IBM for an AI future: 

Ginni Aug Newsletter
Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairwoman, President and CEO (Image credit: Christaan Felber for Bloomberg Businessweek)

2.IBM Research and 20th Century Fox create 1st “Cognitive Movie Trailer” for Morgan Movie

3.A peek inside the newly opened #IBMResearch Lab in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

IBM Research ZA

4.Equality has been an IBM priority since the 1930’s and we’re proud to join the White House #EqualPayPledge.

IBM Equality pledge

5.IBM is one step closer to mimicking the human brain  via Wired UK #IBMResearch

Human Brain IBM Research prototype project

6.Here’s how IBM is planning to use blockchain software  via Wired #IBMBlockchain


7.Five #IBMHealthCorps grants announced in areas from chemotherapy to mosquito-borne diseases: 

IBM Health Corps

8.Driving a culture of innovation : Understanding #CognitiveComputing by building with it – 

Cognitive Computing

9.Here’s Fast Company’s account of the important role of #millennials at IBM: 

Fast Company IBM

10.Five things to know about IBM’s upcoming Power9 chip  via PC World #IBMSystems

IBM Power9 Chip


Ella Slade is a Global Recruitment Communications Specialist for IBM.

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  2. I would love to work for IBM. I have known about IBM for years. I have read about the history of the company I will be good at the consulting part of the business.

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