Interns Make “Extreme” Impact at IBM

By Gabrielle Cirigliano

IBM Extreme Blue is an internship program for technical & business students. It comprises of project based assignments for university students, challenging them to the extremes of their knowledge, passion and ingenuity to deliver the expected results. Gabby, one of our NY-based interns, attended the North American Extreme Blue expo and interviewed two Extreme Blue business interns who shared their summer internship experience.

gabby-ebMy name is Gabby and I am a Corporate Communications intern in New York. As an intern myself, I have seen the impact millennials can make on a company as widespread and significant as IBM.

Every year, all the Extreme Blue interns throughout North America gather in New York for a big presentation with IBM leaders at the  headquarters. Ideas they developed during the summer like creating an app that allowed you to communicate with your doctor daily, or one that sorted search results on Ebay based on both photos and text to improve search accuracy are presented. When I heard about the expo, I jumped at the opportunity to attend because I wanted to hear about these new, innovative ideas that will become the future of IBM.

Jeff Smith, IBM Chief Information Officer, gave the keynote address at the event, reminding the interns that, “In business and in life, the only limitation is your own constraint of thought.” Through anecdotes about his time at IBM, Smith encouraged them to continue learning even after leaving school and discussed the importance of team work, problem solving and passion for one’s work.


CIO Jeff Smith speaks to interns at the Extreme Blue North America Expo in Armonk, NY.

To learn more about the Extreme Blue program, I sat down with two of this year’s North American MBA interns who talked about what they loved most about their internship experience.


What’s been the most exciting part of the program?

Blair: “As an MBA intern, being able to work with a group of technical interns was a great learning opportunity for me. I was in an environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and the technical interns were also able to learn from me”.

JJ: “We were working in a start-up environment, but with the resources that IBM has”.

Describe the Extreme Blue Program in three words.

Blair: “Fast-paced. Challenging. Rewarding”.

JJ: “Rewarding. Motivating. Fun”.

What IBM resource did you rely on to help you most?

Blair: “The people. IBMers are incredibly generous with their time and are more than willing to help”.

JJ: “Blue Pages– IBM’s internal employee directory, is your best friend. With IBM’s wide network of experts and professionals, whatever your team is lacking, there is someone else within the company who has it and is willing to help”.

What was your team’s favorite thing to do outside of work?

Blair: “We loved to explore Durham (North Carolina) and all of the restaurants”.

JJ: “Ping Pong, we all loved to play, even our managers”.

Blair and her team demonstrated their product to P-TECH students who attended the event

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