IBM Human Resources Leadership Development Program – Much More Than A Learning Experience

Last week on the IBM Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) series, we shared Building a Network that Drives the Future – My IBM HRLDP Story. We continue the series featuring Rathin Radhakrishnan.

We interviewed Rathin, a Rutgers University MHRM graduate and a current HRLDPer, and asked him about his experience with HRLDP.


What made you decide to join IBM’s HR Leadership Development Program?

To be a leader in any field, it is important to involve yourself in the vast entirety of it. With Human Resources being such a vast unit comprising of so many functions like Recruitment, Compensation, Learning and Development and so forth, the Human Resource Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) at IBM is a perfect platform to get myself involved with the HR universe. During the course of my internship I learned about the program and the wonderful opportunities that it provides. Getting to rotate across the HR functions and geographies is a great learning experience and it instantly caught my attention. Also being able to work with the brightest minds, networking and being mentored by leaders, in my mind, was the deal maker.

How would you describe the work you do at IBM?

The word I pick to describe the work I do at IBM is ’Dynamic‘ which means ever changing. Dwane Lay rightly said “Great talent doesn’t always fit the job you have, but they quite often fit the task you need”. With the entire market evolving,and IBM continuously reinventing itself, the faster you adapt to the organization and client needs, the more efficient you would be. Being from a technical background myself, I am familiar with learning and unlearning at a rapid pace which helps me embrace the change, and at the same time question the inefficiencies.

What’s your typical day like in your current job?

My current role as a Recruitment Professional would sound like one that would have a set number of tasks like sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selecting. But as technologies evolve so does the role. Surely my day revolves around constantly being on calls with the clients but it does not end there. I use Watson analytics to help the team expand their recruitment horizons.

Recruitment is about being in the right place at the right time, and using the tool I am able to discover patterns and analysis which would improve candidate experience and also recruiter efficiency. I also use advanced excel to automate some of the redundant process and improve process efficiency. The five key words of my typical day would be resumès, phone calls, Watson Analytics, MS Excel, and reports.

What’s been your greatest experience so far in IBM’s HR Leadership Development Program?

Considering that this is my first year in the program I already have more than one great experience. The first one was my first conversation with my executive mentor. To be able to have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience of a leader is a privilege that this program offers to us. I was able to express my ideas and discuss a variety of topics with my mentor and listening to his experiences and thoughts was much more than a learning experience. Being part of a team focusing on the most important and relevant topic of analytics, collaborating and coming up with output that impact the community directly has been an amazing experience.

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