My New Seller Journey– Pushing my Boundaries

In this edition of the IBM Early Professional Sellers blog series, Giselle Kee, a young sales professional from IBM ASEAN, talks about the highlights of her new seller journey.

Giselle is a sales specialist with IBM and also a participant of ASEAN Early Professional Sellers Program 2016. We asked her a few questions about her experience with the IBM’s new seller journey.

You’ve been in the Early Professional Sellers (EPS) program for several months. What are the highlights of your new seller journey?

giselleMy new seller journey has been exciting and transformative. I’ve been exposed to so much in a few short months! I’ve gained soft skills for making professional presentations, networked with local and global IBM leaders, and learned much about IBM’s business operations in ASEAN through my peers and colleagues who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Overall, it has been an amazing journey.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

I wouldn’t call it a challenge but rather, an experience.  I’ve worked with people across ASEAN from different backgrounds and cultures, and it was an experience getting to understand their perspectives and work with them. This includes being aware and sensitive to time-zone differences when I arrange meetings.  I was able to collaborate well with them through proper time management and teamwork.

In this new era of cognitive business and disruptive technology, how do you think you are making an impact in your role as an IBM sales professional?

As an IBM sales professional, I believe I make an impact by educating clients to transform traditional businesses to modern business strategies through the ever-changing advancement of technology and solutions provided by IBM to the market. Having said that, making an impact to the market also contributes to IBM’s growth and transformation.

What do you enjoy most as an IBMer?

I enjoy reading and learning and that makes IBM the right company for me to work in, because besides on the job learning through the apprenticeship projects, my mentors have guided me in my learning and product knowledge. At the same time, IBM is a globally integrated organization that provides IBMers with opportunities to be involved in projects in different countries, as well as take on a variety of roles.  This has enabled me to achieve greater exposure and experience. I also have a lot of flexibility to complete my work as IBM has a very versatile work culture. I’m able to enjoy work life integration as most of my peers share the same interest, and we learn and grow together, not only as colleagues but also as friends.

What are the qualities that graduates should have if they want to embark on a sales career?

An individual must possess certain attributes and attitude to be successful in sales.  This includes having the ability to build relationships and leverage sales expertise – ie. being able to utilize the resources that are available in your network to close the deal.

Furthermore, a good sales person must be able to interact socially with clients to understand their businesses and speak the right lingo with them.

Moreover, an IBM Sales Professional must possess  strong integrity in upholding IBM’s values to our clients.  One of the key values that we abide by is dedication to every client’s success. Personally, a sales professional has to be very driven, self-motivated, and must have the right attitude in order to succeed in this career.

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