How IBM Supports Women Building their Careers in Cyber Security

The expected job shortage in IT security is staggering – 1.5 million unfilled IT security jobs globally projected by 2020. Coupled with the lack of women in the cyber security field, it’s a great time to consider joining IBM Security.

If you’re a woman working in the field of cyber security, you are probably looking for the best company where you can enhance your skills, work with like-minded security professionals, learn from experts, and become immersed in cognitive and cloud technologies.


IBM is known for its technical culture, a spirit of innovation, strong teaming, and encourages diversity in its workforce. This helps attract some of the best talent in the thrilling world of cyber security.

How does IBM support women working in the field of Cyber Security?

IBM Security has an active women’s initiative to help women learn and grow as business leaders and technologist. IBM has an active community of women in working in Security – called Women in Security Excelling (WISE) Community, this group brings awareness to the shortage of women in the field and aims to change these statistics.

The community, made up of both women and men, is over 800 strong and works together with these three main objectives in mind:

  • Education & Awareness: Identify and promote educational opportunities, events and materials that can enhance professional development for women.
  • Recruitment: Working with our recruiting team and a network of women in IBM Security, WISE helps to expand the recruiting efforts at universities, colleges and diversity organizations.
  • Mentorship: Formalized a mentorship program for women in security, with participation from leaders who can provide expertise and mentorship to help women grow their careers and leadership capabilities.

How does the WISE community help security experts working in IBM?

We spoke with two IBM Security experts about their experience in working with IBM, and this is what they have to say.

Galia Maranon, a Senior Consultant in the Cyber and Biometrics Services group of IBM, works on new laws that require protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient information in the digital era. She strategizes in proactively countering threats to sensitive data, and empowers the teams to be security conscious and become able to identify threats.

Galia is tells us why she made the decision to build her cyber security career in IBM, “Because of IBM’s worldwide footprint, we have access to security data across various markets.  Being able to leverage subject matter experts across different fields is a powerful tool at our hands.”

Another IBMer working in the field of Security, Miranda Sumey , an Analyst in the Security Intelligence group, provides proactive threat intelligence to clients and makes customized recommendations to help clients prepare for and respond to emerging cyber threats. In her interview, Miranda cites Ransomware, which is a malicious software literally kidnapping (illegally encrypting) important files and demanding money for their release.

Asked why she decided to build her career in IBM,

IBM Security should be at the top of every woman’s list of great places to work. Security is so hot right now, and there’s tons of careers all over the globe for technical and non-technical women alike. IBM offers amazing flexibility and a great networking group called WISE that helps connect you with women in all sorts of career tracks.

In this role, Miranda has to constantly update herself with new skills and knowledge which she gets from interacting with other professionals in the field. “The WISE community has been excellent at fostering new connections and inspiring me to get involved in helping attract and retain talented women into the field! It’s great to connect with women in all different roles in security. Women are still very much the minority in IT roles, and security roles specifically – and it’s crucial that we support each other, network with each other, and learn from each other.”

Both Miranda and Galia agree that IBM’s long history as a vibrant company is uniquely appealing. Working with experts globally and having access to troves of data across various fields are useful in shaping meaningful solutions.

In addition to work, the strong internal groups which strongly support women in Security, and groups dedicated to diversity initiatives, and policies to help work-life balancing for women, are huge pluses of working In IBM. And, the camaraderie and teaming within their local and remote groups is fun too.

How does one become successful in a career in cyber security?

In terms of guidance for those interested in applying for a role in IBM Security –   some technical knowledge is very helpful, whether it’s a formal degree, a certification, or on-the-job learning.  There is always something exciting happening in security – and with cybersecurity constantly grabbing headlines, it’s a great satisfaction to know that their work is of great significance.

Want to learn more about the experiences of women in IBM Security? Read the full interviews of Galia Maranon and Miranda Sumey as they share more about their career and some advice to women interested in a Security career.

If you are interested in building a career in Security, visit the IBM Security careers page.

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