Up Close with Michelle Peluso, IBM’s Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Peluso recently joined IBM as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing all global marketing and brand initiatives, strategy and execution. Michelle brings with her deep customer-centric marketing and leadership experience to IBM from her robust career in various industries including retail, banking, travel, and government.

Michelle recently had the opportunity to speak to the members of Plum Alley, a female-run investor group with a shared mission of advancing women entrepreneurs. In the video below, Michelle shares her background, career path and what inspires her as a leader.

Michelle loves the notion of building teams and learning from other people. When thinking about what matters to her most as a leader, “it’s the people I’m surrounded by, daily inspiration, and being a part of innovative and changing times– and with the pace the world is moving today, that is everyday.”

Lastly, a piece of advice that motivates Michelle everyday:

Leadership is an endless journey. As leaders it’s important that we understand, embrace, and be part of this change.

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