Want to make an impact in the Cognitive Era? Sugandha has a message on Why IBM

This edition of our GTS Labs #IBMLeaderSpeak Series features, Sugandha Srikanteshwaran, Director Infrastructure Services IBM India. Sugandha shares with us in this interview how joining IBM accelerated her success and how she has been able to do work that matters to IBM, our clients and the world at large. For those who want to make an impact in the Cognitive Era, Sugandha has a message on #WhyIBM and why #GTSLabs

sugandhaSugandha holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology. In her early career her primary focus was on engineering, product development and delivery in the Enterprise integration domain. She joined IBM in 2002 in California, USA. Her switch from a core Technical to a Business Leadership Path has added to her exciting journey with IBM. Prior to taking on as the Development Director for Automation and Cognitive Platform, her focus has been on taking “mobile” to the India South Asia (ISA) market and setting up the Internet of things (IoT) mission for India Software Labs.

In terms of learning and performance how do you think IBM has accelerated your success?

“IBM is like an institution” – you get to do work that matters and that gives you ample learning opportunities. Over the last decade I have worked on multiple assignments in various capacities – leading mission on Enterprise Integration, setting up CoCs (Connector Development, MobileFirst to name a few), building new technology domains (setting up of the IoT mission, Cloud Transformation in the Middleware Group in India Software Lab), setting up Global Development missions (for Middleware Connectivity, MobileFirst), all of these were great learning opportunities. I had the pleasure of working with leaders and managers who believed in my abilities and gave me the chance to work on key projects that helped me build my technical expertise and business acumen. And when a competent team surrounds and works with you, it becomes the silver lining.

 Tell us some key motivating factors in your journey towards success.

Being essential to the clients has been my mantra throughout my tenure at IBM. I believe that when you focus on business impacts and customer experience – you go all the way to solution every impediment/challenge that comes your way. Doing work that matters to IBM and our clients and an awesome team to work with are the biggest motivators one can have.

What areas have you been able to Influence?

I am passionate about technology, and I feel I have been able to leverage my technical know-how in taking informed business decisions and setting up new business missions at IBM. Working closely with my key leaders, I was able to initiate the Internet of Things (IoT) mission and grow the MobileFIrst development charter at India Software Labs.

I have had the opportunity to work on transformational projects throughout my stint at IBM; presenting a robust business case to key stakeholders / clients is vital for a go-ahead and I have had multiple opportunities to influence stakeholder decisions for many such projects.   Researching and applying business insights to new product impacts, both in the India and global markets, is an additional area that I have contributed to.

What is your vision on how IBM & GTS Labs can change the world?

I would like to quote our CEO Ginni Rometty, IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, and everything we do is now focused on that….”. In just five years from now, every important decision made by businesses will be aided by cognitive systems that understand, learn and augment our decision making. IBM is leading this change.

The GTS Labs aims at bringing automation to our client accounts, syncing cognitive abilities and making them DevOps enabled. We will now have systems that are more self-driven and mundane tasks will be assigned to digital labor [robots]; so people can work on more complex problems.

Why should somebody join IBM?

At IBM we are on a journey of business transformation; we are taking more risks and embrace the new ideas our colleagues are bringing forward. We are adapting very fast to the unprecedented changes that the IT industry is witnessing and the GTS Labs is a testimonial for that. GTS Labs is focused on driving Enterprise IT as a service and adopting a Cognitive Automation approach to building Infrastructure that serves as the backbone for all enterprises big or small. I’d urge students and professional to join IBM so they can be a part of this interesting change.

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