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Enormous amounts of data are generated from personal fitness trackers in mobile applications, to electronic medical records, to genomic and clinical research. Much of this data is discarded or under-utilized. And those with least access to this data are patients.

What if health professionals could harness the expertise of the best doctors to reach the most remote regions or they could match patients to life saving clinical trials or researchers could draw insights from massive bodies of data to help them develop better drugs?

Healthcare models are undergoing a profound transformation and a lot has become possible in healthcare sector with the help of IBM Watson. It is time to transform health with new ways of working to improve approaches to care, productivity and well-being and IBM Watson is doing just that.

Watson Health’s cognitive systems understand, reasons and learn – helping translate information into knowledge that drives more informed decision-making. The ability of cognitive technology to create a scalable, consistent and evidence-based platform for managing chronic disease; holds promise for decreasing variances in chronic disease management – which is aimed at helping providers improve patient care and reduce costs.

‘Truven Health Analytics’, is an IBM Company and a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights. IBM acquired Truven in April 2016, and via this acquisition, gains extensive data spanning cost, claims, quality and outcomes information. In an effort to improve quality of care at a lower cost – data from Truven, along with an array of solutions and services, will help optimize IBM offerings for value-based care.

Why not join our experts at Watson Health and you can work to transform health and wellness?

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