My Journey to Success and Why IBM

Prakash Narayanaswamy, Delivery Leader, IBM Mobile First for iOS Garage

My journey within IBM has been 17 wonderful years, and has now become a place I call my second home.

From being a developer, IT specialist, to management and today an IBM Certified Consultant, I account my success to the opportunities in the many roles I have enjoyed at IBM with access to latest technologies, working on projects that were span industries and multiple client journeys. Given a chance to change anything in the past, I would leave the script untouched.

Traveling has always been my passion and at IBM it became a reality when I took on my first assignment traveling to Australia within 15 days of joining IBM. Working for more than a decade in the US has given me the experience of what it feels experiencing things first hand at the client location. I have had the fortune to collaborate with a lot of fantastic people within IBM, and have formed personal and professional bonds with many, that has shaped my perspectives on life.

When I look back, I discover it has been a very symbiotic journey. You will find me today on one of the coolest and vibrant floors in IBM, the MobileFirst for iOS studio, part of the APPLE+IBM partnership. Here my team works on building top class enterprise Apps, delivering it on cloud, integrating challenging analytics into the mix, and bringing in the cognitive elements into these Apps via Watson. Can it get more exciting than this! That’s #WhyIBM.

Prakash Narayanaswamy is a Delivery Leader for IBM Mobile First for iOS Garage.

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