IBM Slovenia Successfully Renewed the Full Family Friendly Certificate

By Maja Stopajnik
Recently, IBM Slovenia successfully renewed the full Family Friendly Certificate for the second time in a row. The Certificate represents a consulting-audit process and it is granted by a Ekvilib, a non-profit organization active in the fields of social responsibility, human rights and development cooperation.

Renewing the certificate confirms IBM Slovenia’s commitment to quality Human Resources Management in the context of balancing the professional and private lives of employees. It positions IBM in the local market as a leader in providing work-life balance practices for employees. Moreover, this is a confirmation that IBM’s internal HR practices are at par with the highest standards of “European work & family audit”, developed by the German organization “Berufundfamilie”.


IBM Slovenia has held the Family Friendly Certificate since 2007 (basic Certificate). In 2010 we gained the Full Certificate and renewed it successfully in year 2013 and 2016.

To renew the full Certificate, Ekvilib assessed our internal HR practices in 8 areas:

  • Working hours
  • Work organization
  • Post, Information and communication policy
  • Management
  • Human Resources Development
  • Payment structure
  • Family services.

All measures had to compliment or go beyond the legal organizational processes. The roadmap was confirmed by the senior management and the audit board of the Ekvilib Institute.

IBM Slovenia is strongly committed to creating a safe and stimulating working environment that enables a better balance of work and family for our employees.

Maja Stopajnik is COO for IBM Slovenia.

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