Samiksha’s journey with IBM

I am inclined to share my IBM journey which has been both productive and exciting and I feel immense pride in being a part of the IBM family for over 10 years, staying loyal and attached to the brand. My journey has been exciting, one full of learning with a lot to look back on and cherish, in my personal and professional life.

Samiksha Kaul, Senior Advisory Consultant, Talent & Change

I joined IBM in 2006 as a Business Strategy Consultant and then chose to specialize in the areas of Change Management and Human Resource Management Transformation. While working for external IBM clients as well as for internal IBM transformations across industries and verticals, I got extensive cross cultural experience working on projects in a multi-geography model mostly with teams in US, Europe and APAC.

Working at IBM has always been more than just about me doing my Job – it’s a part of my identity.

With well-defined career paths and guidance, it was easy for me to identify the path that I wanted to pursue. Once I was clear on what work excited me, IBM provided all the viable work options to help me do what I wanted to. Not only did I get access to the training’s available within IBM to grow my skill-set, I also completed my One-Year Advanced Program in Human Resource Management (HRM) from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow. IBM’s Education Assistance Policy is what helped me pursue my interest in the field of HRM while continuing to do work that matters.

IBM provides me with a productive and flexible work environment that continually pushes me to build skills that are relevant, be prepared to take on challenge and work on new initiatives. This also helps me in demonstrating greater independence, working with a broader scope of influence and complexity. Awards as well as Appreciations from our managers and also from our leaders and colleagues are a part of our culture and this motivates me to keep performing better.

IBM is known for its policies and programs that help create a flexible work environment. When you work at IBM, striking the right balance between work and other aspects of life is almost seamless. However, there is so much more to working in IBM than just the work-life balance. Learning opportunities, productive work environment, supportive colleagues and leaders, interesting customer interactions and opportunities to work with diverse teams all add up beautifully to enhance one’s career journey.

I have been with IBM for close to 10 years and this is my IBM Success Story.

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  1. Yes, seems like a place to learn and enjoy. Most importantly, the culture matters and the work environment. Well, I try best to get a call from IBM but as of now didn’t got any luck..Guess i have to wait a little longer to be a part of a blog like this:).

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