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Jaswinder Singh Dhillon, Delivery Executive – Brokerage Delivery and NextGen Technology Team Global Technology Services, Solutions, Delivery & Transformation has a message to share. In this article he talks to us about IBM Cloud Brokerage Service Delivery – Center of Competence (CoC) India and goes on to share about skills and mindset a potential hire should possess when looking forward to joining IBM’s Cloud Business.


What does your role as a IBM Cloud Brokerage Services Leader encompass?

As a leader for IBM Cloud Brokerage Service Delivery – Center of Competence (CoC) India, my role is to enable and lead Brokerage Delivery teams perform in various critical brokerage areas, that support solutions like Customer Operations, Development Operations (DevOps), Technical Account Management, Solution Architecting and Engineering, Field Engineering, Brokerage Business Office consisting of Transition and Transformation Project Management, Service Management & Billing Operations.

IBM Cloud Brokerage Services are a key market differentiator for GTS. Our Brokerage value proposition is a key driver in our services integrator story to our clients.

IBM Cloud Brokerage Solutions enables our clients to easily “Broker” IT resources from multiple suppliers and cloud service providers. We help our clients source, provision, and manage IT resources and services, regardless of the provider and understand where to preserve existing IT investments and build new systems.

Our Brokerage Delivery teams are highly specialized in end to end aspects of the broker platform covering Client On-boarding, Client Enablement, Broker Architecture (Design and Solutioning), Integration and Support & Maintenance. We support our rapidly expanding global clientele from our Client Innovation centers (CICs) in India, Austin (US), Poland (Europe).

What are the skills and expertise you are looking to hire for IBM Cloud Brokerage Service Delivery – CoC, India?

We are augmenting our teams and hiring SME’s, Engineers and Architects with deep knowledge and skills across multiple cloud providers [Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud and in areas like Cloud Administration, Solution Architecture, DevOps, Cloud Testing, Coding & Automation, Enterprise Integrations, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Transition & Transformation, Service Management & Client Management]. If you are passionate about what you do, we would be very interested to have a conversation and learn more about you and how you would like to grow with IBM. Read more about the position we are hiring for at-gts

Your views on why a career with IBM Cloud Brokerage Service Delivery – CoC, India should be exciting to Cloud Professionals?

Most IT organizations are now shifting to Hybrid Cloud – a mix of public and private cloud resources. However the IT Supply Chain consisting of planning, buying and managing across a hybrid environment creates levels of complexity that can lead to loss of insight, increased risk, and greater inefficiencies. This is where IBM Brokerage Solutions connects the IT Supply Chain and helps clients plan, buy and manage cloud and IT resources from multiple suppliers using a single pane of glass:marketplace to deliver greater value to Enterprise IT. Supporting such solutions needs deep knowledge and experience  in  the Cloud Space.  IBM Brokerage Solutions is a very niche area within IBM’s Cloud services portfolio and a career in this space would be exciting to many.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and congratulations. Cloud Brokerage looks value add to IBM cloud platform and great value to the customers. Would be interested to learn more about this solution. Do we have similar product and services for non cloud/hybrid infra?

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