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Cognitive Systems are computing systems that Understand, Reason and Learn. They are out here to transform the way Man interacts with Machines.

Let us take for example the Cognitive Bartender – it analyzes streaming video of customers in a local bar, understands their drinking habits, correlates the color of their drinks with shape and size of the glass in which they consume their drinks, and infers an individual’s drinking preferences.

The next time they are around, the Cognitive Bartender offers promotional drinks based on their inferred preferences. This involves remembering their faces and aspects of their drinking habits, matching them up with the current inventory and crunching that glob of data on-the-spot.

In IBM India Global Business Services, we take up such interesting challenges every day. We experiment with Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Speech, Knowledge Modeling, Relationship Mining, Risk Discovery, Social Media Analytics – the list goes on. To understand those sights and sounds, and combine the numbers and the text to produce recommendations – reasoned and rational, our Data Science team is growing in numbers.

Seeking the passionately curious

cognitive_ibmWe hire quants and machine learning experts with deep analytics capabilities. Usually they are experts in Python, R, SAS, SPSS, MATLAB and other mathematical software, and statistical packages. Also, we are looking for Vision and Speech Processing Experts, who can make sense of images and streaming videos; Cognitive Architects, who can pull together probabilistic and stochastic systems, based on BlueMix APIs and Cognitive Platforms like IBM Watson and open-source software; and Visualization Experts, with creative bent of mind or UX development experiences using JavaScript / Angular.js / D3 libraries.

We are looking for top-notch Big Data Experts with Apache Spark / Hadoop / Distributed Processing background. Candidates with prior knowledge of Watson Explorer and other Enterprise Search Platforms are welcome. We are looking for Computer Scientists with excellent background in data structures and algorithms. Finally, we are looking for Neural Network and Learning Experts who understand how humans learn, and are willing to investigate how machines can mimic human behavior. Most importantly we are looking for people with aptitude and attitude, and a passion to go the Cognitive Computing way.

#WhyIBM We are on an exciting mission. Are you ready to join us?

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Kingshuk Banerjee, Director, Center-of-Competence (CoC), Advanced Analytics and Watson, GBS S&A, Global Business Services, shares in an interview with us how IBM is helping its clients transform their business using Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Solutions. He also explains why it is an exciting time for joining IBM now. Read More here.

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