Japan Technical Council – An IBM community of Millennials in Technology

Japan Technical Council (JTC) is a community in IBM Japan where young technical talents collaborate to stay informed about industry insights and help each other remain relevant so as to remain essential to IBM’s transformation. This community was established in 2001 and celebrated its 15th anniversary recently

In this interview, Hiromi Inoue, a Project Manager in IBM Japan, discusses the progress made by JTC so far and how it  is equipping millennials obtain insights into the future of Information Technology.

Tell us how the JTC community operates.

The JTC community discusses various challenges faced by young technical professionals today, and makes proposals to become a more dynamic group. We were able to establish the framework to help multiple organizations work more proactively, get results quickly, and enhance IBM value.

Can you tell us about some JTC activities and how this is helping millennials?

 We normally conduct activities such as Leadership Sessions, seminars, and organized brainstorming sessions where millennials recommend solutions for IBM. These events aims to provide young technical professionals with a better understanding of IBM and help them acquire global skills. Last June, the young employees of IBM Japan visited IBM sites overseas such as the US headquarters and met with executives based there.

Back here in Japan, JTC is a place where IBM millennials can get new awareness about opportunities to build a career by themselves. We held a seminar recently where a couple of people gave lectures and panel discussions. The theme of this seminar was “Take Action – let’s challenge things!”. Speakers of this seminar taught millennials to “Challenge actions and aim for Value Creation”

What about the brainstorming sessions, how are these conducted?

One such session was the Amagi intensive discussion. In order to realize customers’ success and ensure we contribute to IBM’s continuous transformation, young technical talents discussed interactively and suggested viable solutions for IBM.

We organized a team consisting of members across the company, and we proposed to executives the results of the hot debates held for about 3 months.

Can you tell us how JTC has contributed to improving the quality of work at IBM Japan?

Every year, we conduct surveys concerning work and careers targeted for young engineers. The results of these surveys have been relevant in helping department heads make informed decisions regarding planning and policy.

In terms of IoT, we’ve been holding classes outside IBM offices in order to get insights into the future of information Technology. We aim to develop students who can play active roles irrespective of the existing feeling of obligation to work through demonstrations, programming experiences and idea-thon making use of IoT in class rooms.

The various activities of JTC teaches our young professional about IBM’s cutting edge researches and efforts and helps them create business ideas. We also learn about Lab research themes which we can experience only through customer projects. By deepening our knowledge about the most advanced technologies,  we are able to provide solutions to IBM’s clients, and get the support and guidance to generate business ideas.

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