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This edition of our GTS Labs #IBMLeaderSpeak Series, features Pankaj K Sinha, who leads IBMs Hybrid Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), that is responsible for Designing & Building Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. Pankaj shares with us how joining IBM accelerated his success and how he has been able to do work that matters to IBM, our clients and the world at large. For those who want to make an impact, Pankaj has a message on #WhyIBM and why #GTSLab


Pankaj SinhaPankaj is an Alumni of IIT Roorkee and specialized in electronics and communications. He began his career with ISRO, where he learnt the basics of research and development. While at ISRO, he worked on real-time digital signal video processing systems that would be used as payloads in satellites. He subsequently moved to Ramco Systems in Chennai and was part of their hardware development team focused on developing PC sub-systems. His journey in IBM began way back in 1993 and he fondly mentions that he has been with the IBM though all its changes in his 24+ year stint that is still going strong.

What is your vision on how IBM & GTS Labs can change the world?

From an IBM perspective, the strategy is around leading the IT innovation with a hybrid cloud platform and cognitive solutions that can really drive transformation in the way enterprises are run today.

Cognitive solutions like those from Watson Health are being leveraged extensively and locally we are collaborating, with Manipal Hospital to use Watson for ground breaking cancer research, Watson Education solutions leverages computers and machine learning in a very effective way of teaching not just kids, but everyone. Our technology venture, where Sesame Street’s expertise in education combined with IBM’s Watson to make education, a unique experience.

From a GTS Labs perspective, we are aligned to Infrastructure Services, playing a key role in enabling a hybrid cloud platform. As IBM moves from being a systems integrator to a services integrator,  the GTS Labs by virtue of it’s deep skills and competencies is well positioned to contribute to this transformation. The GTS Labs have deep technical skills in helping build capabilities around the foundational platform and services integration and this is how the Labs will be a catalyst in the transformation that IBM is going through.

What has impacted your career most in IBM and how?

Technology comes and goes, it’s the people that stay imprinted in your minds. Working with wonderful people, outstanding teams and inspiring mentors across the globe have been special privileges of working in IBM. We are in a business, where we need to constantly upgrade our skills and competencies to enhance our careers. And this has been made possible for me by collaborating with global talent and working for some very inspiring leaders.

In terms of learning and performance, how do you think IBM has accelerated your success?

I had the opportunity to work in terms of both the breadth and depth at IBM. I started my career in IBM working for OS/2 (an IBM Operating System, which was the pre-cursor to Windows) Device Drivers. Moving up the stack, I transitioned to develop middleware and transactions processing products in the WebSphere portfolio and software engineering tools in the Rational suite of products.

In the Systems area, I started my journey with TCP/IP Networking Protocol. Moving on, to  work on IBM’s POSIX compliant Real-Time Operating System- OS Open. IBM has provided me a diversity of experiences ranging from kernel to device drivers to the application stack and that indeed has helped me build a well-rounded set of competencies that have helped me stay abreast in this ever changing technology domain, throughout my career. IBM has taught me how to adapt and accept change graciously.

What are a few key motivating factors that add wealth to your IBM experience?

Working for a company which is 106+ years old, operating in over 170 countries spanning hardware software and services has been a privilege. We have a rich legacy of several Noble Prize Winners, Turing Award Winners and several other prestigious award winners. Being in the company of such bright and talented people can indeed be very fulfilling and an enriching experience. You not only work in a great company that has a wonderful work culture and cherishes its values, but also work on problems that are global in nature. Being able to have great mentors and the ease with which one can leverage global talent has always been reassuring when you are solving a big problem.

Share your thoughts on why people should join IBM?  

IBM is a company that is built to last, having survived several ups and downs of the technology transformations in the industry. We have been able to do this successfully because we have a very strong value system that is focused on clients, innovation and people. Also, at IBM you can change jobs, without really changing companies because of the diversity of roles that it offers! Working for a global company that is built to last, having a strong value system and challenging opportunities are great reasons why you should join IBM. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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