Life as a Seller– Understanding Client’s Problems to Propose Innovative Solutions

In this edition of the IBM Early Professional Sellers blog series, Gustavo Bravo, an Early Professional Seller from IBM Brazil talks about his journey with the IBM Early Professional Seller Program.

GustavoGustavo Bravo is an Industry Solution Consultant for Healthcare at IBM. His role is to understand real client needs and address them with innovative solutions within IBM’s portfolio. He is currently a specialist on IBM Watson Health solutions and he spends most of his days with clients, giving them an overview of the technology, showing what other health institutions are doing with IBM around the globe, and listening to some of the problems they are trying to solve.

You’ve been in the Early Professional Sellers (EPS) Summit program for several months. What are the highlights of your new seller journey?

The EPS program has exposed me to different challenges, and allowed me to build both soft and technical skills. It has also helped learn from and build a network of successful leaders, from IBM executives to Client executives..

The program has given me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world and to gain the ability to adapt to different environments, cultures, and languages.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

At IBM, you learn the value of collaboration. You will always need to be united with other colleagues to get things done. Therefore, at the beginning, navigating inside this huge corporation seemed to be an extra hard challenge, but as the program started exposing us to colleagues in different job roles and to different areas within IBM, it became more manageable. Working in a complex environment is a daily activity.

In this new era of cognitive business and disruptive technology, how do you think you are making an impact in your role as an IBM sales professional?

I believe I’m making an impact by understanding real client’s business problems and proposing innovative solutions that have an impact in people’s lives. IBM used to be only a B2B company (Business to Business), but I believe that it can now be considered a B2P (Business to People) company, with our cognitive technology being able to reach and transform the lives of our clients’ customers. I’m very happy to be part of what IBM is doing in Healthcare. I’m excited to watch my clients discover new drugs faster, treat cancer more effectively, and help patients to be diagnosed quickly.

What do you enjoy most as an IBMer?

As an IBM Seller, it is part of my job to build relationships, negotiate contracts, and participate in confidential business meetings. This is a very delicate part of a seller’s role because most likely at some point in my career, I’ll be exposed to unethical situations. Since I hold very strong moral values, it is really crucial to me that I work for a company that has very strong culture and corporate values. IBM takes integrity in all relationships very seriously and it makes me comfortable to know that the company will always support honest and truthful behavior.

What are the qualities that graduates should have if they want to embark on a sales career?

IBM has the people, the tools, the environment and the clients to teach how to be a great salesman. Therefore, a graduate must always be willing to learn new things, meet new people, to be proactive, to try, to listen, to learn from mistakes, and to be bold.

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