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Monica joined IBM in 2006 after her stint at the National Association for the blind and has recently completed 10 years with the organization. She has been an exemplary ambassador for IBM, winning many awards & plaudits and living by the mantra of ‘Being Essential’. The FICCI Ladies Organisation – Ideal Woman Award, National institute for the visually handicapped – Award of excellence and the Neelam K Kanga Award – National Association for the Blind, Mumbai are but a few examples of her achievement and in extension showcases IBMs policy of a open and equal workplace for all.


Monica shares how IBM helped her shape her career and overcome all challenges that came her way.

I was blessed with the opportunity to join the erstwhile IBM Daksh as a Lead Voice & Accent trainer in June 2006. My role was to train new recruits on communication and soft-skills and prepare them to interact with clients / customers in the UK, and the US.

My zeal and passion to train, and indirectly facilitate soul shaping, always helped me to achieve targets and go above and beyond my role. I benefitted from plentiful opportunities at IBM that helped me discover my true potential and grow from a Trainer to Assistant manager to being Master Trainer.

In the capacity of a Master trainer, I visited Cairo, for a week to train a batch on culture and soft skills, as part of a project called Edu Egypt, which was a joint venture between IBM Daksh and the government of Egypt.

IBM gave me plentiful opportunities to explore, realise and harness my true potential. I worked with the avatar of Voice & Accent training, Mr. Arjun Raina on a pan-India project called ‘Phone Mentoring’, which paved way to better training methodologies and huge profits. Owing to this successful project, and some other successive initiatives like Omnibus and WIIPS, I was recognised as top talent from 2010 to 2013.

Having started my career with IBM Daksh, I later moved to IBM India and my journey since then has been adventurously amazing, and amazingly adventurous.

With my promotion as a deputy Manager in 2015, I have been designated as the functional manager for the Noida vertical of V&A. I am also a functional manager to the new trainers who join IBM and expand the New Hire Training team.

Additionally, management at all levels, have helped me tap into, and acknowledged my efficiency from time to time. Apart from the training domain, I have seen my position expand to being the SPOC for Noida for various pan-India initiatives like skill advisor and mentorship programs.

Thanks to the open-minded, receptive and encouraging management, I have completed a decade of my professional life in this organisation. Taking the benefit of a poetic license, IBM, for me, is, “I get to “Be,” who I “Am.”

Thank you, IBM, for redefining the notion of disability.

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