Winning The Talent Game!

Traditionally, we observe line managers speaking to candidates and qualifying them based on interviews, answering any queries they may have about the organization’s culture and hoping that the candidate will be a good select and be productive. Now let’s pause for a moment and contemplate this expectation line managers assumes a candidate must live up to.

Every new employee seeks a challenging and fulfilling career — a game that creates livelihoods. But what is this game, and how exactly must organizations play it, to assess how their practices meet this goal for the right person, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost?



This is where gamification adds value. Gamification, like the name suggests, selectively uses the mechanics that bring out people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism and closure when faced with a real-life situation in the form of a game. The ways in which candidates play these games, and demonstrate their characteristics, can help line and HR managers gain insights from information about them. Making the decision making process a much more informed one.

IBM’s Cognitive Practice India brings Gamification to life!

IBM, Global Business Services (GBS) Cognitive Computing Presents – #igniThon. A platform where great minds will get together to solve some real life & very complex business challenges.

Our aim is to reach out to the best and brightest coding minds in the country through a series of challenges, each one more intriguing than the earlier.

For those who enjoy solving complex business challenges with cutting edge technology, #igniThon will be a stage to showcase their mettle and earn a chance to be a part of Cognitive Business Decision Support practiceone of the most exciting and coveted at IBM.

IBM’s Cognitive Business Decision Support Practice

The Cognitive Business Decision Support (CBDS) is a young practice at IBM India. Data as a resource is gaining importance with every passing day; the ability to mine this data has resulted in transitioning decision-making –   from being reserved for the few, to making every consumer more powerful.

Information access is now becoming commonplace, but the ability to analyze data and add expertise to it is turning into a competitive advantage. Like any natural resource, data can be commoditized. How this data is used in combination with other information sources, is what will help one make a mark in their profession or help an organization become an industry leader.

IBM’s CBDS’ mission is to dominate the market with exceptional cognitive solutions that are relevant to clients. The market is evolving and CBDS aims to shape it with their clients continuing to be their trusted advisor.

The CBDS Vision

“Growing our capabilities and talent will be critical to selling and delivering an outstanding experience for our valued clients who have chosen to partner with us and leverage Cognitive to transform their businesses” Sharon Hodgson – Global Leader, CBDS, IBM

The people that make up CBDS

Industry & Domain consulting leaders, practitioners from the fields of Advanced Analytics, AI & Data Platforms, Watson IoT and other Watson Services & Solutions make up IBM Cognitive Business Decision Support practice at IBM.


Sharon Hodgson our Global Leader for CBDS sums this up well: “We are the largest Cognitive & Analytics services business globally and our clients are constantly looking for ways to transform their enterprise through automation, predictive, prescriptive, and cognitive analytics solutions. Our offerings range from Cognitive/AI (Engagement & Virtual Agents, Visual Recognition, and Discovery & Exploration) to Information Management (Data Platform, Data Management, and Business Intelligence) across a wide array of Platforms (including Metro Pulse, Weather, Watson, and Bluemix).”

So if you are looking to push the edges of possibility, in what you can do with data; and willing to learn & work with cutting-edge technology, CBDS is the place for you!

Ignite your Cognitive quotient!

IBM GBS Cognitive Business India is excited to announce the launch of #igniThon and invite you to register for the challenge. Take on a real life business challenges and build a solution that would make an impact. Bring in your best!

You will come with…

   – Relevant Industry Experience: 3 – 12 years
– Solid Computer Science Foundation
– Good Application Development Skills
– Strong Analytics and Natural Language Processing Capabilities
– Experience on Big Data and parallel computing (preferred, not mandatory)
– Experience on building and deploying applications on cloud (preferably on Bluemix)

Take on this Cognitive Challenge! The best minds Register Here.

Steps to Register:

  1. Click on link
  2. Enter Keyword: 92335BR
  3. Enter IBM Coupon Code: ignithon

Once registered, you will receive a business case-study with the next steps in the Challenge. We wish you the best…

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