My Unforgettable Experiences In IBM

Becoming part of a sales organization was not part of Adham Hanafy’s plan but after a few months in a sales role, his sales results made him realize sales might after all, be his passion.

In this blog, Adham gives us a scoop into his story and why he chose IBM.

By Adham Hanafy

In 2015 I applied for a job at IBM, and was given the position of Cloud Solutions representative within Digital Sales. The experience was overwhelming – everyone was busy making calls and attending enablement sessions as I scrambled to catch up with the fast-paced world that is IBM.


With the guidance and support of not only my managers but also my peers, I experienced first-hand the embodiment of our purpose, values and practices. Two parts of my experience stood out in particular: Firstly, I noticed that I was surrounded by people I could truly look up to in terms of dedication, perseverance and success; and secondly, the investment the company made in each and every one of us.

The IBM Global Sales School was another awesome experience for me. This experience pushed me to grow into a real and more experienced salesman, not to mention that it gave me the opportunity to make connections within the company which have since proved invaluable for my work as well as my personal life.

IBM is like a professional school, a place where subject matter experts share their expertise to help you improve your skills. Our work is relevant and timely, leading the world into a better future. Working for IBM constantly presents new challenges, environments and experiences to learn from. One of the main values I retained since joining IBM was that the people around me are true professionals – every interaction with a colleague is a proof of that. Time and time again I cross paths with IBMers willing to go to extremes to make projects we embarked upon a success. What is more encouraging is how willing and helpful everyone has been in supporting me, this kind of support is truly ingrained in the IBM culture.  Like every other IBMer, I know that the work process and subsequent success is the result of the effort of a tightly knit team and that no individual can take the credit on their own. I would never have found myself where I am if not for the supportive people who have had my back from the beginning to offer advice and support me whenever I had need for it.

IBM is a perfect place to enjoy the best of both sales and technical worlds.

If what I have shared with you is the kind of career you would like to have then IBM is definitely the perfect match for you!

Adham is Cloud Services Rep for IBM Central East and West Africa

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