After 12 years with IBM, this is what I have to say…….

Have you ever wondered what can motivate you to remain with a company for over a decade and still be excited about working for the same company for many more decades? This blog has the answers you need.

Ahmad Farrag has been with IBM for almost 12 years, and he has moved across various units while building his career and skills. This is what he has to say about why he is excited to be an IBMer and how IBM has helped him grow his career.

By Ahmad Farrag

farrag_PersonalI started my career in IBM almost 12 years ago as a Software Engineer in Cairo Software Lab working with various Software Development Labs within IBM on the globalization of Rational Products. It was quite an experience for me to be part of a global distributed development & testing team and to experience what it takes to design, develop, test & release such widely used products. It also helped me a lot to learn about the latest of IBM technologies before its release to the market and because of that, I was asked to share my knowledge and experience in various regional technical events.

This was an eye opener for me as I got the chance to speak in public events, to meet new clients, and to understand how IBM products are helping them to solve their business & IT challenges. By time, I was determined to take the next step in my career and to move to a client facing role where I can work directly with clients and help them to use & implement IBM products in their own environments. This is how I started a new chapter in my career and moved to IBM Software Group.

Being part of IBM Software Group, I had a completely different experience where I worked with clients on a daily basis to interpret their business requirements & challenges into a workable solution. I worked with different industries including Government and Financial services organizations and for me, seeing technology applied in real life scenarios to transform businesses and to improve our lives is still a priceless experience.

After few years of being part of software team, I felt the need to get out of my comfort zone and to start learning something new. At that time, Cloud Computing was evolving and was gaining a lot of attention. I spent a lot time reading about different Cloud technologies, how it evolved & how it is disrupting businesses. With the announcement of IBM Cloud, I felt that this is the right place to be; this is where we, as IBMers, can play a role in changing the world.

I have been with IBM Cloud for almost two years now where I get the chance to work with large enterprises, as well as small & medium sized organizations. In every project, I could see how our clients are excited about the potential that Cloud & Cognitive is offering them to transform their businesses.  Cloud & Cognitive is enabling –not only large organizations- but every one of us to innovate and disrupt the status quo in a way that was never possible before.

We are standing at crossroads of technology innovation which will continue to evolve to improve our lives. IBM is the best place where anyone can contribute to evolution of technology and at the same time seeing it applied in real life. I am proud to be an IBMer, and to be part of such amazing organization where I get to build my expertise on a daily basis.

“Technology is what intrigues me the most; it would have never been possible for me to have such a satisfying career outside of IBM”

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Ahmad is currently a Cloud Architect with IBM Middle East.

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