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We have IBM leader Pradeep Saini, who leads – Infrastructure Services Delivery for IBM Global Technology Services (GTS). He shares with us in this article his professional journey and how doing work that matters to IBM, our clients and the world at large brings his deep satisfaction. For those aspiring to join IBM he has a message for you that will sum up #WhyIBM

Pradeep Saini 2017 PictureWhat has your professional journey been like?

My professional journey began nearly 26 years ago with Murugappa Electronics as a customer support engineer, and what an eventful journey it has been till date. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most well-known names in the IT Industry: HCL Hewlett Packard, Siemens Nixdorf, LG Inc., EDS, Hewlett-Packard, and of course the best in my experience, IBM.

I have been through many triumphs and travails in my career, accumulating a rich and diverse experience. I found myself in the midst of all the action when the Indian IT industry was evolving and leaped to the opportunity by participating in several landmark IT infrastructure projects with some of these projects contributing towards improving governance in the country.

Always being passionate about customer delight, I have earnestly worked towards winning Client Confidence. The other key aspect of my career has been my knack for building teams of highly charged and motivated professionals who see the customer’s delight as a barometer of their own personal success.

As a Leader for GTS in NCR, what does your role encompass?

As, Director, Integrated Operations, IBM India Client Innovation Center (CIC), I am responsible for contributing to India CIC business growth plans and ensuring infrastructure services delivery aligns with these plans. I take pride in my work and ensure everything I am responsible for is within statutory regulations both operational and financial hygiene within the IT infrastructure.

I partner with Leaders from various regions to ensure that business infrastructure that underpins their services keeps running at peak performance always. I involve myself in all initiatives that ensure a high degree of business continuity readiness is maintained. We’ve had more than our fair share of natural disasters in the recent past and our business continuity readiness is what has helped us ensure a near-zero impact on business and our clients.

What has given you immense satisfaction leading GTS CIC for NCR?

We have seen phenomenal growth, especially in the last 3 years. We now support customers globally and have become the centerpiece of GTS’s delivery optimization strategy. The confidence and the responsibility it invariably brings, keeps the team motivated and geared up for the challenges we face every day

What attributes would you look for in a potential resource for your Business?

The acumen to understand our business needs and to plan and deliver the underpinning services to support these business needs is a key attribute that a potential resource should come with. People who work for us need to be able to retain composure under very high-pressure situations and act with insight and sagacity.

A message to the candidates who aspire to join IBM and #WhyIBM

It is my belief that anyone who aspires to join IBM needs to understand what IBM stands for, the principles it embraces, the values it espouses. For the last 100 years, IBM has pioneered in innovations that have helped make the world a better place. And, it has done that ethically and in a sustainable manner.

Anyone who wishes to become a part of this organization must be willing to relentlessly innovate and reinvent. And once you become a part of this organization, you are amazed at the amount of flexibility and empowerment that this organization will provide, to help you make a difference.

At IBM you will join a business that is constantly involved in innovation that matters – for our company and for the world at large.

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  1. Very true and touching…I’m really proud of being part of’s worth to say that IBM is largest technical planet on the earth who has inspired millions of lives..

  2. I echo your voice , once IBMer is always IBMer . I have worked in IBM for 6 years , one year under your leadership as well …
    Wish you best of luch and wish you prosperity and success in IBM in coming years …

  3. We r proud of u. IBM should have personalities like u and should always be proud to have u with them

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