What I have Learnt from the IBM Early Professional Seller Program

Vanessa Cerqueira Peranton is an Early Professional Seller in IBM Brazil. In this blog, Vanessa shares how her sales career evolved in IBM.

You’ve been part of the IBM Early Professional Sellers (EPS) program for several months. What are the highlights of this journey for you?

Vanessa.jpgI can highlight my new seller journey in three parts: Firstly I went through a lot of training to develop soft and technical skills, including Global Sales School where I had my first contact with sales at IBM. Secondly, I had a mentoring period where I followed a senior seller to share knowledge and to be prepared for the third part of the program as an IBM Seller: I’m the focal point for my client’s requests and responsible for the growth of customers who already have business with IBM, showing them our value day after day.

What was a key learning point for you?

The importance of networking:  IBM is a huge organization and it was initially daunting to find the information I needed. Networking gave me the opportunity to meet and speak with people who could help me understand what I needed to succeed.

In this new era of cognitive business and disruptive technology, how do you think you are making an impact in your role as an IBM sales professional?

I keep up-to-date on what IBM is developing with Cognitive to help my client’s business. Recently in our ‘Cognitive Week’ event, I shared with other IBMers how Watson solutions work. I am always learning and using these insights to share with my clients how IBM can help them transform their traditional processes with innovative technology.

 What do you enjoy most as an IBMer?

IBM is a huge company and the diversity across our business is very inspiring for me. I also love the collaboration between IBMers – for example, in my team, we always share our experiences to help each other and create new ideas.

One moment that was very special for me in my career was when I was entrusted to take care of two very important and big clients in IBM Brazil. That is such a big opportunity for me to be exposed to these clients and understand how we can help them grow. I support these two clients with agile answers, I integrate the IBM team to ensure the best support for them, I drive client meetings and help bring solutions that deliver value to their business growth. I am very proud to be working for these two key clients in Brazil at this early stage of my IBM Sales Career.

What are the qualities that graduates should have if they want to embark on a sales career?

Graduates interested in a sales role need to be resilient; learn to be communicative to create a good network with clients and their peers; must believe in the deal; and most importantly, must be optimistic!

A sales career in IBM will give you opportunity to network with industry experts and expand your creativity, If interested, please contact goerlich@de.ibm.com.

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