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This blog series focusses on uncovering incredible #WomenAtIBM who have made un-paralleled contributions towards their role, fellow IBMers and the organization at large. In this article we uncover an IBMer’s journey, her inspiration and a key message to prospective candidates who aspire to join the Big Blue!

Contributed by Angela M Kurien, Delivery Project Executive, IBM India

Me and my team…

Inspiring & influencing a team and recognizing the importance of the people we work with can be done only one way and that is Leading by example. Don’t dictate but find their areas of struggle and show them how to come through it. Small praises are all that people need to hear in terms of encouragement or a job well done. It makes a big difference.

I personally believe in the policy ‘praise openly blame softly’. My team knows that I am there for them and just that matters. If you learn you make mistakes. If you make mistakes it means you have tried and it is okay to try and fail than not to try at all. My message to all – relax not when you are tired but when it is done. And this drives me and my team.

While doing a job leave nothing to chance. It is important to keep the Values and Spirit of IBM high. Client Relationships are built on a True Sense of Trust and Transparency. While constantly displaying this with my clients, my leaders and my team, I also see my team adopt these values and do the same.

My inspiration and role model…

A couple of people men and women have truly inspired me. But I would like to name a few women who have influenced me deeply. The reason I call out these women is because their lives are an inspiration to many.

My mother to begin with, has been a pivotal influence in my life. Having lost my father at the age of 13, I have watched my mother work hard to bring me and my siblings up. Being the eldest of three children, she never confided in me her pain, yet did all she could to get us on our feet and provide for us. She taught us to respect and earn respect, and to never compromise on integrity at any point in life. “It’s okay to fail you will have a second chance but once your character is tarnished there is nothing you can do – there is no shortcut to success” my mother would always say.

Anne Litwin & Associates, author, consultant & leadership coach. My First Mentor in my Professional life who gave me the platform to learn and unlearn and taught me that even in the worst situation you can rise to an occasion. It’s all in the mind she would say and I have lived by it.

Patt Cronin, IBM General Manager – GTS World Wide Transition & Transformation and Delivery Excellence Leader. I must say she has a magic wand in her hand. She has a solution to any problem and has a knack of getting the best out of you. Learning that art is essential and I hope that I am able to emulate that from her so that I could further improve my skills of mentoring and coaching while working with my team.

Indra Nooyi Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo. This lady leaves a  mark in my life every time I listen to her. Her tact at managing work-life balance yet creating a human touch with all her employees, has always taught me that not everything is dealt with Authority.

My family my strength…

My teenage son taught me a valuable lesson, I shouldn’t brood over things and instead take life as it comes. This has helped me connect and see the world differently

My interests…

Traveling has been a passion, especially when it comes to exploring something new about the world. Being an IBMer takes me traveling to the nooks and corners of our great country and collecting mementos, help jog my memory from time to time. I love socializing and take time get to know people and build meaningful relationships. My connect with people has been my greatest strength.

On a personal note I enjoy writing poetry when the mind is stressed and it helps bring in that positive energy.

A message to candidates who aspire to Join IBM…

#WhyIBM – In IBM you make and design your career. There is ample opportunity to grab if you like challenges. Staying in your comfort zone makes you a dull person. Take risk and let Go. Even the sky is not the limit.

Anyone who wishes to become a part of this organization must be willing to relentlessly innovate and reinvent. When you are a part of it , you are amazed at the amount of flexibility and empowerment that this organization provides, to help you make a difference.

IBM takes great pride in harnessing a Diverse & Inclusive work culture. It is not what we do but who we are. Follow more stories on #WomenAtIBM

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