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As part of our IBM Leadership Series, we have Madhumita Banerjee, Associate Director and Automation Program Leader – GBS, share with us her inspiring career journey with IBM and the success and learning it has brought her till date. She is set to inspire young talent, to take up their career with an aim to invest the drive and motivation to push the limits and discover their true potential… Madhumita goes on to share her expertise in the field of Automation and how IBM is changing how we deliver solutions.

By Madhumita Banerjee

We are at the cusp of a new horizon and Automation is already set to be a game changer in today’s world. IBM Watson Cognitive coupled with Robotic Process Automation Solution is going to change the way we deliver solutions and support client business needs.


As Associate Director, Automation Program, I work for North America clients to design, build, deploy / deliver and scale leading edge, competitive Automation Solution. As part of my role, I collaborate closely with Go-To-Market teams to ensure the latest Automation Solution features and delivery capabilities are rapidly brought to the market and infused in our solution offerings to clients. My areas of Expertise are leveraging Cloud and Cognitive for Automation.

At a very basic level, Automation gives a platform to convert and move over manual repetitive, error-prone, monotonous tasks, monitoring or testing activities to deliver automated, faster, consistent results. At the other higher end of the spectrum, Automation would bring in an integrated end-to-end system that not only performs tasks and has the ability to remediate issues triggered from failures but further would have the ability to anticipate a potential issue and trigger actions to fix it even before the issue/ incident actually occurs. Automation is rapidly evolving and essential in the journey towards Digital Transformation for any company.

While working in Automation Adoption with clients, I have observed that this is a phenomenon touching every Industry and across the Globe. While Adoption rate is faster in some of the Industries, however, each Industry has its own unique nuances which brings in the opportunities for Automation.

My IBM Journey

This year my IBM journey touches the milestone of 2 decades. As part my IBM assignments, I have had the privilege to work for clients who are amongst the top market leaders in their respective businesses. Across these assignments, I delivered solution to complex business challenges, integrated a diverse set of portfolios in client business learned and worked with latest technologies and partnered with clients in their Transformation journey.

One such memorable assignment has been to implement a Global Strategic Program with a Fortune 300 client. I enjoyed the sheer thrill of successfully meeting the 1st Go-live date that was committed to the client company shareholders. Needlessly to say, the job required addressing several blockers, building synergy across teams located in multiple delivery centers spread around the Globe and ensuring that we work as one-team focused at delivering the best and on-time.

Another such proud moment that I would like to share here has been specific to a Strategic Product Launch of a Fortune 100 company.  Due to strategic importance and marketing plan, the launch was promoted in advance widely across the Globe. As the delivery lead of IBM team working closely with client Product team, we successfully completed the project and ensured on-time launch of the Product as per plan. Each such assignment has been a gem of an experience.

IBM – An inclusive & diverse workplace open to learning and exploring…

IBM assignments take me around the Globe, meeting people, visiting places, learning cultural nuances of countries. I witnessed the amazing way IBMers across the Globe live the IBM values in their day-to-day life. We demonstrate the IBM fundamental practices that tie us seamlessly as a One-IBM team across all the diversity that a truly Global Organization brings in. An open and inclusive workplace environment built on trust and personal ownership.

One essential ingredient of my IBM life has been to understand and actively participate in IBM’s transformation and strong culture of innovation. To continuously learn, apply, experience and master the latest in Technologies and the marketplace. Leverage a wealth of learning and skill building resources that each IBMer has access to – virtual online, webinars, videos, events, learning labs. And collaborate with the best minds in the industry across the globe

Some of the recent learning which has been immensely helpful in my current role includes IBM Design Thinking and Agile Framework- helping me understand client problems and provide solutions to client users focusing on the experiences and outcomes that our clients want and expects, delivering faster in incremental stages tagged to Business priorities, Cognitive Business Solutions for our clients and Applying the Value of Social to connects with clients, partners and IBM colleagues to become more collaborative, responsive, and transparent.

A word of advice to students

Summarizing my experience and journey with IBM, I would say to all those on campus who are on the brink of starting their career journey. Join IBM for 3 key reasons…

  1. Come work with the latest Technologies and contribute to building a digital business with Cognitive Capabilities.
  2. As a IBMer be the one to usher in an era that will change the way we work and help solve the world’s biggest problems.
  3. And finally, choose your areas of interest in any one or more of these evolving IBM Strategic plays across Cognitive, Analytics, Cloud, Security, Social Business, BlueMix, Watson, Security, Big Data, and build up your skills around that specific Technology you want to master.

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