Reflections From My IBM Internship This Summer

Over the past three months, Anthony Leon has had the pleasure of joining IBM’s talent acquisition team in IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS) for his internship. As he prepares to head back to Cornell University to finish his Master of Industrial and Labor Relations, it’s time to reflect and share his learnings at IBM this summer.

 By Anthony Leon

IMG_3628.JPGWhen I was searching for internship opportunities this summer, I knew I wanted to be in a fast-paced and challenging environment. IBM’s transformation and its reputation for being on the cutting edge in terms of talent practices instantly drew me to the company.  After the recruiting period at my school, I was faced with a tough choice on which company to join and based on all the above, I took a chance on IBM. I couldn’t have made a better choice. IBM has opened me to many new experiences this summer, from sitting on my first global team to learning new ways to work with data—IBM has transformed the way I will approach business and HR.

Embracing the Agile Mindset

At IBM, I have learned to embrace the agile mindset and to navigate ambiguity without fear. I learned that IBMers restlessly reinvent themselves and their approaches—which means that not every solution needs to be perfect, and that’s okay. With the speed and ambiguity that work can involve, it’s about coming up with solutions that work rather than solutions that are immediately perfect—and over time through iteration and evolution, these solutions become better and better.

Learning from a Global Team

While working on my Human Resources Leadership Development Program (HRLDP) speed team project, I also had a chance to work on a global team and receive feedback from many executives. The opportunity to learn from so many perspectives has been truly valuable and shows the greatest strength of IBM: The caliber of the people and the scope of their experiences.

So as I prepare to head back to Cornell University, my advice to anyone considering a career in IBM is to do it. Take the leap and you won’t have any regrets—IBM is truly a place where not only the technology but the people and practices are on the cutting-edge and transformational.

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