Why Life as an IBM Consultant Never Gets Boring

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to have a job that gives you the opportunity to work as a consultant for Cognitive Computing? At IBM, early professionals get to work directly with Watson technology to help clients. We’ve asked Kathrin, a participant of IBM Consulting by Degrees (CbD) program, to share her story.

By Kathrin Fitzner

During my time at IBM, I worked in different departments, lots of projects, and got to know many colleagues. Beyond being pleasant, these experiences also involve leaving my comfort zone, thus helping me grow as an individual.

In the summer of 2016, I got to know about Watson technology up close and it was then that I knew what I wanted to do in IBM. I became enthusiastic about the technology IBM offers and about the working environment as a consultant.

I am very interested in how technology can be applied in healthcare to improve the lives of patients and doctors and so I joined the IBM Healthcare Innovation Team. This team embodies what it means to work at IBM – creating innovative ideas, advocating them internally and externally and most importantly, sharing a vision and sticking together as a team! At IBM you will often be confronted with new situations, but you can be sure that you will always have the support of other IBMers and you will be successful as a team.

IBM Healthcare Innovation Team at the “Tough Mudder” obstacle run 2017

The many ways Consulting by Degrees has helped me grow my skills and competencies

Because I started in IBM as a student, I was already familiar with IBM practices and ways of working. However, when I started as a CbD consultant, expectations increased because I was a full-time employee now.

The initial three-week CbD induction program in England helped me to build an enormous network within IBM. Sessions with CbD colleagues means a lot of fun and helps me to build a solid knowledge foundation. It is a blessing to take part in so many training, events and classroom educations. Working on real client projects is key to developing your skills. The CbD program allows for working on more than one project during the program! That implies a quick development of my skills and competencies.

Only four months after I started, I got my first responsibility as a project manager – a big challenge! What helped me was to trust in the experiences and past success that I already made and to enjoy this new challenge. With this attitude, you can achieve a lot and also my role as a project manager resulted in a successful Watson Chatbot implementation.

Working on Watson Chatbot

I have been working on Watson Chatbot projects since I started the IBM CbD program in March 2017. Together with my colleagues, we apply Watson technology to develop computer programs automatically answering human chats. The most exciting project was a Chatbot going live on Facebook Messenger after development time of just four weeks! It was the first Chatbot to go live on Facebook in Germany, and only great team work made this achievement possible. Today, it answers the questions of Facebook users regarding the products of our client, a telecommunications provider.

If you want to experience the life of a consultant in all aspects and are curious about information technology, the CbD program is the perfect fit for you. You will get to know various clients, work on different projects, build deep expertise and develop your personality and professionalism. If you are eager to learn, develop and embrace new challenges, it will never get boring at IBM.


Kathrin is 25 years old. She is from Germany where she completed her Bachelor and Master Studies in Business Informatics, a combination of informatics and its applications in Business. Currently, Kathrin takes part in IBM’s Consulting by Degrees (CbD) program and works as a consultant for cognitive computing. That means she develops IT solutions based on Watson technology for our clients. This includes a lot of traveling across Germany during the weeks.

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