Four Ways that IBM is Re-inventing Offering Management

Recently, we shared how Stella Liu has been able to grow her career from a recent College grad to Associate Offering Manager at IBM and also a Fulbright Researcher. Today, Stella speaks on the ways IBM is re-inventing Offering Management.

By Stella Liu

With the whole world watching, IBM has been going through some serious transformation and I am sure that you may have read a few articles about this. The entire company is shifting toward cognitive and other strategic initiatives like analytics, mobile, social media, the internet of things, block chain and cloud.

This transformation doesn’t stop there. IBM is also changing the way it operates. As one of the first associate offering managers hired, I wanted to share some insight into how IBM has re-defined product management to offering management and what this means for interested job applicants.


Here are four ways that IBM has re-invented this discipline:


The IBM Offering Management discipline has shifted to focus on the wider market and users, work cross-functionally across business units and deliver products through next gen delivery models such as SaaS. Our teams move faster with new ideas and leave a wider impact on the market.


Rather than narrowly focusing on launching a product and then moving onto the next release, offering management now focuses on the end user’s entire journey and builds an iconic end-to-end user experience from the design of the product to the go-to market strategy to service operations and to building ecosystems.


 Offering management practitioners now influence and lead multiple teams. They are the CEOs of their products and are responsible for its success.

Ways of Working

While large companies can have a reputation of being slow and bureaucratic, offering management is a new function that cuts through the red tape with a laser sharp focus on agility and outcomes.

So what does this mean for interested job applicants?

Well, if you are ready to be entrepreneurial in a large company and make an impact in your career, this is a place to be! Come and join the next gen design-thinking, user centric offering managers and entrepreneurs at IBM that are transforming the way product management is done.

Join IBM Offering Management. We are building the next generation of product managers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who are changing the very way the world works.


Stella Liu  is an Associate Offering Manager with IBM Watson IoT. Feel free to drop a comment below or connect with Stella on LinkedIn if you have additional questions.

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