The Many Ways Digital Badges Help IBM Early Professional Sellers Showcase Their Expertise

We’ve asked a group of our Early Professional Sellers (EPS) from across the world to share their stories and experiences about the IBM Seller program. Their two-year journey takes them through comprehensive learning roadmaps, including IBM Global Sales School, hands on learning experiences with clients and business partners, and special tasks to deliver value to our senior sales leadership.

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 As our Sellers advance in their journey, they receive Digital Credentials, or what is known as the “EPS Badge”. After they complete the first part, they receive the IBM EPS New Seller Journey Badge, and after completion of the program, our young IBM sales talents are rewarded with the IBM EPS Alumni Badge.

In this video, we asked our new Sellers what they have gained from the IBM Seller program, and what the EPS Badge means to them.

Watch the video, connect with the owners of the IBM EPS Badges on LinkedIn or drop them a comment below.

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