Reinventing Corporate Learning at IBM

IBM is proud to win the ATD BEST award for the 7th time in a row– and to place 5th this year. It was an opportunity to describe how IBM is reinventing corporate learning. Matthew shares his experience below.

By Matthew Valencius

Talent development is strategic to IBM. We’re an innovative technology company, and we need skilled, curious people who are always building their skills. We are boosting our ability to provide IBMers with the learning they need by envisioning how technology could support learning in better ways.

I had the opportunity to attend the Association for Talent Development conference in Washington DC where I spoke as part of a talent innovation panel. With the theme “Learn from the BEST”, we had a chance to discuss with and learn from fellow Learning leaders. There was a great deal of interest in how IBM replaced our old Learning Management System with a new learning experience platform – called “Your Learning” – to create a better experience for our employees and open up our ability to innovate with Artificial Intelligence.

I also had the privilege of accepting IBM’s BEST Award, an award that recognizes organizations that demonstrates enterprise-wide success as a result of employee talent development. This award is given to companies that use talent development as a strategic business tool to get results.

Accepting the BEST award with ATD CEO Tony Bingham and Chair-Elect of the ATD Board Tara Deakin – Photo courtesy ATD

I spoke with colleagues frustrated with learning systems optimized for the past and with being locked into vendor solutions. IBM’s Your Learning is allowing us to gracefully organize content from multiple sources and provide our employees with the consumer-grade user experience they expect.

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We’re continuously sharing our vision and the progress we are making on Twitter and Youtube.

Matt Valencius is a leader of IBM Learning’s global design team. He has extensive experience in design thinking, performance improvement, sales training, management development, and learning technology.

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