From HR Professional to Chatbot Developer

Can anybody develop a chatbot? IBMer Sarah McNee proves that with the right tools, a problem-solving mindset, and the drive to innovate, you can.

Sarah McNee is an IBMer with an HR background. Last year, she was assigned to work on communicating the roll out of the company’s new performance management system, Checkpoint.


To be able to roll this out more effectively to an audience of over 300,000 employees globally, she needed a tool that would help her and her team answer questions about the new system.

In just four weeks, and with no prior coding experience, Sarah created a chatbot with a team of HR colleagues to answer, in real time, the thousands of questions coming in from employees using Watson Conversation.

Sarah learned from this experience that anybody can be a coder, and innovation can come from asking one question: is there another way that we can do this?

Watch Sarah’s story below.


No matter what your experience is, you can learn how to build a chatbot.

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