Top 5 Career Tips from 2017

2018 is almost here and we decided to recap some of the best career advice from our blog posts in 2017! Check out the list below if you are interested in hearing the advice and stories from IBMers all around the world.

  1. “In today’s day and age, big companies like IBM are no longer looking for just the skills. They are also looking to assess your present level of communication and interpersonal skills to help their organization in multiple areas.”

You can find this and more tips on soft skills that will make you stand out as a candidate in this blog.


2. “Have you ever wondered what can motivate you to remain with a company for over a decade and still be excited about working for the same company for many more decades? This blog has the answers you need.”

You can find these answers here.


3. “While I have performed global leadership roles and have worked across various business units within IBM, spending a month with a ‘truly’ global and diverse team altered my perspective and made me appreciate their strengths, and most importantly, the differences.”

You can find out all about this IBMer’s Corporate Service Corps (CSC) assignment in Morocco where he worked with other colleagues coming from nine different countries across the globe.


4. “The easier your resume is on the eyes, the more it will be read in those crucial seconds.”

You can find out more reading this full blog post, here.


5. “Having a great network within and outside of IBM, being passionate about what you do, and being well known for your own particular core competence are the three building blocks for an executive career.”

Check out more career advice in this blog post.


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