IBM India’s Cloud Migration Exec on the Vision for the Business and Skills Needed to Succeed

In this #IBMLeaderSpeak series, we introduce to you IBM Leader Divakaran Ullampuzha Mana, Director, Cloud Migration Factory – GTS, who covers in his message a vision for Cloud Migration Factory, its impact on business and how this relates to talent-of-today. For those who want to make an impact in their career, Diva (as we all know him) speaks up on skills and expertise one will need to equip themselves with to prepare for current and upcoming roles in his business #CloudMigrationFactory and #WhyIBM

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Diva is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with an MBA from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, specializing in High-Tech and Finance, with over 22 years of experience in the IT Infrastructure services industry.  He joined IBM in 2003 and has since played diverse roles in different business units; spanning across presales, transition and Steady state delivery roles.

He joined IBM when the growth phase for IBM in India was at its infancy and has personally grown in his career alongside the high growth that IBM has undergone in India over the last 14+ years. He is very passionate about IBM’s broad capabilities and deep expertise and is motivated by the fact that the work that IBMers are doing is solving real world problems and ensuring that the backbone of the world’s economy runs smoothly. He shares his thoughts around his journey with IBM in this blog.

What has your professional journey been like at IBM?

I began my journey with IBM as a part of the Global Process Services business. We were tasked with the setup of our first global delivery center in India. Since 2011 I have been a part of the Global Technology Services business unit where I have had the privilege to play diverse roles, ranging from program management, to leading a quality team, account management, and starting up a cloud delivery and integration team from start. A key win for me at IBM was the ‘Best of IBM’ award in 2015, giving me an opportunity to meet the best-of-the-best of our corporation at the award event. Soon around the corner is the day that would mark my 15th year at IBM, a journey that has not just been one of learning and growing with the brand, but one that came with building meaningful relationships and co-creating.

What is your vision on how you see the cloud migration factory impacting business operations going forward and what implications will this have for client business  / talent of today?

With the dramatic technology transformation that we are witnessing across industries, driven by Digitalization, DevOps, Agile and the concept of ‘segment of one’, underlying IT platform and services need to transform as well to be in line with these trends. Cloud is the platform that is now enabling our clients and industries to adapt to this new environment and to compete and win in these markets.

Cloud platform for enterprises have now matured and is driving more adoption by enterprise clients for a larger part of their workloads. In this scenario, migration services play a vital role to seamlessly move our client’s workload into the new world. The Cloud Migration factory has the experience, methods, processes, tools and highly qualified people required to make this happen. Working for Cloud Migration Factory, enables employees and talent alike, to develop in themselves the much needed skills in the IT industry and gives them a platform to transform their individual career.

In the current era of cloud and cognitive what is your strategy vis-a-vis our competitors?

IBM’s strength has always been the deep expertise we have working with some of the largest enterprises across industries and managing their IT environments for many-many years. IBM uses this knowledge and experience to help transform the IT landscape for our clients.

What is your message for candidates who aspire to join IBM?

IBM is perhaps the only company which gives its employees, opportunities in their career to build a breadth and depth in expertise working on cutting edge technologies. IBM enables its employee to chart out a career path that can span across almost all technology domains be it Infrastructure services, application services, mainframe, cognitive platforms or research and development. This is what I have experienced in my 15 year tenure with IBM and this is #WhyIBM for me.

What attributes would you look for in a potential resource for your Business?

At IBM we believe passion, drive, and motivation will open up opportunities to talent to grow their career with IBM at the pace you would like to – An ideal fit will come with these traits and experience of working on Data center or Cloud Migration projects and in various cloud platforms & technologies. To those who are looking to challenge themselves in scale and complexity of the work they perform on a daily basis we have just the role for you.

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